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Aqua-Pure AP802 Whole House Filtration System

AP802 by 3M™ Aqua-Pure
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Looking for AP802 replacement filters?
We recommend the following filter options - Aqua-Pure™ AP810-2, AP811-2, and AP817-2.
Whole House System Alternative
The discontinued AP802 has been replaced by the AP802B whole house filtration system.
Note:The AP801B sump does not fit onto the discontinued AP801 housing head or use the same gasket or mounting bracket as the AP801.
Broken or cracked AP801 Sump?
The APWC802 system can be used for AP801 replacement parts.
Note:If you use the APWC801 as compatible parts for a discontinued AP801 all and any warranties become void.


Gasket: #68898-32P (Previously 68898-32)
Mounting Bracket: #68901-31P (Previously 68901-31)
Plastic Wrench: 68900-33P (Previously 68900-33)
Unbreakable Wrench: Metal Wrench #2
Relief Button Kit: Replacement Relief Button