Reseller Information

Partners With $2,500 Or More In Annual Purchases

To apply for Net-30 terms with Aqua Pure Solutions, a prospective partner must complete the following.

  1. Indicate an ongoing need for our products. A prospective Net-30 partner must first establish a history of ordering and paying by credit card over a 1 to 6-month period of time and a minimum of $1,250 in sales over that timeline. For details about this probationary period, review the requirements for "Partners With Less Than $2,500 In Annual Sales" listed below.
  2. After establishing, a purchasing history with Aqua Pure Solutions, a prospective Net-30 partner must provide credit information.
    1. Download and complete the following credit application form - Net-30 Credit Application Form
    2. Submit the completed Net-30 Credit Application Form along with a copy of your company's W-9 form to

To qualify for ongoing Net-30 terms, a Net-30 partner must continue to meet the following requirements.

  1. A minimum of $2,500 in annual purchases
  2. Provide a business email address (for example, addresses will not be considered)
  3. Be current on all open orders
  4. Respond to payment notices in a timely manner
  5. Ship To addresses are based within in the United States
  6. Qualification for Net-30 terms will be evaluated on a semiannual basis

Partners With Less Than $2,500 In Annual Sales

Partners with less than $2,500 in annual sales can still purchase our products by submitting a PO to

Once the PO is confirmed, you will be contacted to provide credit card information to finalize payment. Please note, the credit card information you provide must be from a US-based card company and Ship To addresses must be based inside the United States.


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