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The water tastes so much better

Great Service thank you

Great Service and product, thank you

Only the Best

I have tried many filters over the years and I have never found one that had the consistent quality of these. I know the price is a little higher than most, but the piece of mind they provide is worth the extra cost.

Easy and convenient

I use to have the filter shipped automatically at the proper time. Therefore, I don't have to remember to order. It just shows up on time.

Clean water

These filters are the best!!!

Filter was rec'd damaged and a replacement was sent in a timely manner.

Where's the 810?

We only ordered the 811 when we weren't able to order the 810. (Supply chain issues?) We hope that the 810 will be made available soon. We used to have it on auto-ship and believe that we're still on that list, but we haven't been able to verify this! PLEASE put us back on that list when the 810 becomes available.

The best filter

The filters are far better than any other I have purchased.

Crystal clear water!

We have been using Aqua Pure 810 filters for many years. Happy with quality but cranky about price. We go thru them fast because our well is loaded with iron. So during the recent shortage, we had to swithc to a “similar” filter. 3 filers for the same price as one of these. But after only a couple weeks, the water was peach colored. And by a month we might as well have been using nothing! The money we saved ended up paying for bottled drinking water.

When the 810s came back in stock, we popped one in again, and hooray! Instant crystal clear water. Once the pipes were clear again. That took a couple days. I hope we never need to switch away again.

Helps protect my on demand hot water heater

We have extremity hard water from our well. This helps protect the on demand instant hot water heater from getting calcified. Only worry I have is it's fairly easy to cross thread, so far ive been lucky not to mess it up, but it does like to get crooked when installing it from time to time. Ive been able to stop, unscrew it and try again. If I didn't have these I'd be replacing another hot water heater already. I have them set to ship every 3 months! Thanks aqua pure filters, love your service!!!


I have been an aqua pure customer for over 20 years and have always been happy with any interaction I have had with them.

Great filter

This is the only filter that we use and trust.

Efficient service; good product

I've been using Aqua_Pure filters for years and have found their service reliable and their product excellent.


Good product delivered on time

Great product

Very good product. My water tastes great and no more sediment.

simply the best

we've used the AP810-2 these past 9+ years or so and honestly, the one or two times we had to resort to an alternate were surprising (in that the filter just didn't hold up as well and the duration between changes was significantly shortened each time) and disappointing (in that the alternate was significantly less $$) but just couldn't hold up to the AP product. So, as long as you keep this item in the production queue, we'll be back again, and again. Thank you!

Aqua Pure Filters

I have an older home, and upon renovation ten years ago, I full home Aqua Filter system was installed. Ever since, it’s been necessary to replenish the proper filters.
Ordering directly from Acqua Pure very easy and the assistance of the sales team was helpful with
Confirmation of the correct products for my system.


Product arrived as ordered. only issue was USPS service, my package was delayed about a week. Not Aqua Pure issue.

Excellent product. Just hard to find a place to buy which is reasonably priced.

Great service

I ordered filters quite often normally on a monthly basis. Filters are almost always available and shipped out quickly normally received the order within seven days of ordering. Great service thank you

Aqua-Pure AP917HD-S

Been using this model water filter for 5 years now - does an excellent job reducing scale and clarifying our house water!


It fit and works great


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