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Solid company to work with

Ordering the new water filters goes well and the filters do a good job. Thank you.


yes, our water is better.
No, I ordered a replacement housing which didn't fit so I can't get a better one than I have which is 25 years old.
Can't complain


Great quality product

water filter

Good product and easy to use

UV system replacement lights

Arrived in timely manner. Well packaged. Priced well.

Saved the water heater

Before installing this system, I had to replace a heat exchanger about every 2 years. After installing I went 4 and still didn't have to replace one.

AP917HD-S Replacement Cartridge

Replacing the cartridge is VERY simple! Works like a charm throughout the whole house.

Whole House Filter

I live in a high-rise condo and we had a lot of trouble with sediment. This filter has helped tremendously.

Always use AP110 for best results

I tried the Neo-pure alternate filter-totally junk. Will never try to save money by substituting for the AP110. As the old saying goes==You get what you pay for!!

Timely filter replacement

You make it so convenient for me to remind me to change my filters.
Also received an email to update my information for up coming reorders.
Do I need to responded to that email?

Doesn't filters chlorine

Initial filter seemed to remove chlorine smell and taste for 5 months. 2nd filter isn't working to remove chlorine at all. Water smells highly chlorinated. Waste of money

Audrea, Thank you for your feedback. The AP902 system and it's filter, the AP910R, are not designed or certified for chlorine odor and taste reduction. The AP910R filter is a sediment-only reduction filter. To remove chlorine, along with sediment reduction, you need either the AP917HD or the AP917HD-S filter. The good news is that the AP902 system head is compatible with all the Aqua-Pure 900 Series filters - AP910R, AP917HD, and AP917HD-S.

Filter replacement

The new silicone filter and “O” ring were easy to replace and certainly made a difference in water flow.

Works are expected

We have been filtering our well water for several years and it has been reliably clean and tastes great!

Aqua pure filter head

The replacement head for my whole house filter fit perfectly and works well.
Aqua pure was helpful with choosing the correct part and delivery was prompt.
Will use them again for other filters if needed.

Not yet installed

Awaiting installation. But my neighbors have said it is a great filter which is why I purchased it


Like clockwork, for over 15 years, I twist off the old and 1/4 twist on the new. My plumber recommended it, I also have the whole house filter too.

Please don’t get rid of these, I rely on these yearly!

Good Product

Fast shipping and a great product.

Mechanically the best, Financially an issue

I love the reliability of Aqua-Pure. So does my plumber, who's been installing it for 40 years. But I'm concerned about the price, which included shipping when it shouldn't have. I was told that a check for $15 would be mailed to me, but I haven't received it.

Aqua-Pure Filters Fit the Best!

Always consistent, reliable water filters. Been purchasing these for over 20 years for our whole house water system. Don’t go for second best when it comes to your drinking water!

quality product -excellent customer service

excellent product-great customer service

works great

Filter works great, easy to install, delivered as promised, easy ordering

Good product but getting expensive

I've used this filter system for years but the price has gone up substantially over the last few years

Very Good Filter

I have been buying this filter for quite a few years and I have never had a problem with the filter doing what it's supposed to do - filter my well water to make it usable for day to day living.


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