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APWC-NWS200M Metered Water Softener

List Price: $2,784.86
Our Price: $1,406.32
Savings: $1,378.54 (50%)
Weight: 141 lbs


NOTE: This is NOT a 3M product, however, it shares the same specifications as the 3M version of this product.

The APWC-NWS200M is a 2 cu. ft. Metered Water Softener. Fleck 5600 control valve. 56,000 grain capacity. 8.5 GPM flow rate. The APWC-NWS200M is a residential water softener. It is a 2 cu. ft., Metered Water Softener with a Fleck 5600 control valve. It has a 56,000 grain capacity. The flow rate is quite impressive at 8.5 gpm. The system reduces scaling caused by hard water. The design is highly efficient and runs some quick, fully-automatic operations. The water softener helps to eliminate typical hard water issues like spotting on glasses, foaming, and formation of ring-like markings on sinks or tubs. The safety brine valve helps to address problems like overflowing of the brine tanks. The motorized piston control valve offers some very useful fully-automatic operations. The system comes with a limited warranty supported by factory-backed technical support services.