3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane
3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane
3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane
3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane

3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane

SKU : 3MROM413-20A
Manufacturer : 3M
Brand : Aqua-Pure

Product Summary

The 3MROM413 membrane module is the workhorse of reverse osmosis systems, reducing heavy metals like lead and mercury, parasitic intestinal cyst, a select set of VOC's2, and TDS, the organic matter or inorganic salts dissolved in your water. This membrane offers a flow rate of 23.92 gpd and has a 3-year lifespan. More Info...
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Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (I.M.P.A.C.T.) Filtration Media

Thealso features 3M's revolutionary Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (I.M.P.A.C.T.), which combines a microporous, pharmaceutical-grade membrane with a premium activated carbon block to help provide excellent water throughput and extend cartridge life. The membrane and the carbon block blend to provide a unique dual-zone water filtration media proven to reduce both cysts and bacteria*.

The I.M.P.A.C.T. technology produces consistent, restaurant quality beverages, reducing unscheduled service calls by reducing sediment and abrasive hard particles, which help extend the lifespan of pumps, valves, O-rings and equipment seals.

*Reduction of Water-borne bacteria as demonstrated with 99.99% reduction of surrogate organism E. coli (ATCC 11229) and P. fluorescens (ATCC 49642) in manufacturer’s lab test.

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3M™ 3MROM413-20A Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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