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Very Good Filter

I have been buying this filter for quite a few years and I have never had a problem with the filter doing what it's supposed to do - filter my well water to make it usable for day to day living.

3MROM413-20A Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This is a well made compact membrane that is easy to install and works well.
It is expensive so I would wait till it comes up on a sale.

Whole house water filter

We have been using these filters for years and they are very effective. When we take out an old filter it is thoroughly caked with material it filtered out. It is also orange with rust from our water. My orders are always promptly delivered.

Great filter

Came on time, works great!

Excellent filter

Really good filters for fine sediment well water.

House 🏡 Filter AP-817-2 and AP-810

These filters have good flow and filter out a lot of sediment. They do well removing chlorine smell. Eva from customer support was great.

Generly Good

I like that it is a 3M filter. A little expensive but it lasts longer. I will continue using.

Excellent Filter

We have a problem with high iron content and biofilm in our well water. The filters we p[urchased last us about a year and clean the water and improve the taste quite a bit. We've been very satisfied with this product for over ten years.

David S.

AP817, along with AP810, AP811 are used at my house to filter rainwater as part of my rainwater collection system fabricated in year 2002. These filters work great and carry the 3M trademark. There are no better filters than 3M!

Pure water

I received my order and reviewed the contents. I found the SS head with a sticker identification for Model AP904. I called and was able to talk to a representative and after my concerns of not receiving the AP902 model. It is my understanding that the AP902, 903, and 904 are the same heads. It's the filter that makes my order correct for the application for a drilled well.
Customer support was very helpful with my concern.

Has gotten so expensive and had to wait a couple of months as was back ordered

Transformer for water softener

They had what I needed. Fix the problem.


We have been using the AP AP110 Water Filter for the past several years...they are a great product and the company ships them out like clockwork! We replace these every month and have had NO PROBLEMS!

Like the results

Neo pure on back order

My regular filter was on back order. Went with the AP 817. Always a good alternative.

Filter does a good job, wish it were recyclable

This is a good under-sink filter that does an excellent job. Four stars instead of five because it seems really unconscionable these days that the company hasn’t worked to make the filter recyclable or at least found a way to replace the inner filters and reuse the plastic outer casing. There must be thousands of these in landfills.

Great Filter

What can i say? This filter is my go to every time the fridge needs a new one. Super easy to install and keeps the ice cubes tasting fresh and clean.

What is there to review?

It is a filter-- what is there to review?

Great product great price

I have been using these filters on our sediment filtration system and they are excellent.

AP904 Primary filter & AP 902 pre-filter installed about 1-2 weeks ago

Had 2 filters installed by plumber. Installation was fairly simple & straightforward. We have hard water. New system provides filtered hot & cold water to house & yard. Ice cubes are clear now, not cloudy. Hard water deposits were cleaned from all chrome plumbing fixtures and have remained shiny since the filter system was installed.

It would be nice if a gauge was part of filter system to let you know when it’s time to replace filters.

Aqua-Pure™ AP810 Whole House Sediment Reduction Filter

As always, good service and a good quality product. I have been using this filter and Aqua-Pure for many years now.

Great reliable service of genuine filter.

Easy ordering and shipping tracking delivered via FedX .
This is the legit 3M OEM whole house filter which was once a fair price (10 yrs ago!),but has ended up being overpriced IMO. At least Aquapurefilters offered a fair & trustworthy price offering which included delivery thanks.

It fits

It fits my system


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