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AdEdge Point Of Use Arsenic Removal Water Filter (AD2710C)

AD2710C by AdEdge
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Weight: 2 lbs


The AdVantEdge model AD2710C 10" filter cartridge is designed to reduce up to 50 micrograms/l of total arsenic to less than 10 micrograms/l with a typical one year life (based on pH 8.5, Arsenic (V) challenges using NSF 53 protocols).

The unique combination of AdEdge Technologies AD33L arsenic reduction media and granular activated carbon allows for arsenic reduction and better tasting water at the point-of-use. This product uniquely combines high efficiency arsenic reduction and taste/odor capabilities for a practical and cost-effective solution at your drinking water facet tap.

AdVantEdge's design utilizes the AdEdge proprietary iron oxide adsorption media for long life and unparalleled performance to meet the challenges of the 10 micrograms/l drinking water standard for arsenic established by the EPA. The product effectively reduces both Arsenic (V) and Arsenic (III) without pre-oxidation. Ideal applications include under-counter and countertop POU systems.

Application: Up to 50 micrograms/l of arsenic, rated flow 0.5 gpm, pH 6.5- 8.5. Ideal for under-counter or countertop POU systems.

Arsenic Reduction: Reduction of up to 99% of total Arsenic. Effective for both As (III) & As (V).

Capacity: 800 gallons (approx. 1 year); 4-6 times longer life than other commercial adsorption options (conservative rating at pH 8.5).

Contaminant Certification: Arsenic, chlorine, taste, and odor reduction. NSF 61 product listing on Media (see AdEdge for details).

General Specifications

Model #: AD2710C
Dimensions: 2.75 x 9.75 inch
Media type(s): AD33L Iron Oxide and GAC
Contaminant Reduction: Arsenic, Chlorine reduction, Taste/odor
Cartridge Life: 800 gallons or 1 year
Pressure Drop: < 8 psi @ 0.5 gpm

Recommended Water Quality for Best Performance

pH: 6.5 - 8.5
Arsenic: < 50 microgram/l
Phosphate: < 0.5 mg/l
Iron: < 0.5 mg/l
Silica: < 30 mg/l
Sulfides: < 0.1 mg/l
Manganese: < 0.05 mg/l
Sulfate: < 100 mg/l
Fluoride: < 1 mg/l