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UCB1BB-SILPHOS by Aqua Pure Water Conditioning
List Price: $49.75
Our Price: $39.50
Savings: $10.25 (21%)
Weight: 3 lbs


The APWC-UCB1BB-SILPHOS Filter Cartridge is an Whole House Big Blue 1 micron 4.5"x10", coconut shell carbon block filter. Capable of reducing bad tastes, odors, and other particles in water. The Coconut Shell material itself contains high amount of micro-pores on the surface, much more than coal. This filter is made to remove odor, dirt and reduce the scale build up on appliances. The APWC-UCB1BB-Scale Filter Cartridge also contains Siliphos which helps prevent corrosion and scale build up on your appliances.

  • Flow Rate: 7 gpm