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APWC802 Kit

List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $129.43
Savings: $20.56 (14%)
Weight: 11 lbs


NOTE: This product is NOT a 3M/Aqua-Pure manufactured product. However, the APWC802 Kit does share similar specifications to 3M's Aqua-Pure 802 Kit, which is a discontinued product.

The APWC802 Kit has everything you need to reduce sediment and other contaminants (dependent on cartridge used) to help provide cleaner, clearer water throughout your entire home.

APWC802 Kit Includes:

  • APWC802 Whole House Large-Diameter Filter Housing
    • Ideal for heavy duty usage
    • Fabricated for large homes or industrial/commercial applications
    • Standard 1" NPT inlet/outlet connection for high flow rates
    • Flow rate of up to 45 gpm (flow rates will vary depending on cartridge used)
    • Built-in pressure relief for ease in changing of cartridge.
    • Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials
    • 1 year limited warranty

  • Metal Wrench #2
    • Our metal filter wrench will not bend or break, and is longer than standard filter wrenches for extra leverage when the housing is stuck
    • Made from nickel plated galvanized steel
    • Rubberized grip

  • Mounting Bracket
    • Single-filter housing bracket that fits APWC802 housing

*Filter cartridge sold separately from this kit.*

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Customer Reviews

  • City water never tasted so good

    By Robert P. on March 2, 2021
    We looked at a few different systems. Since we have Tampa city water, we were confident the water was clean. What we didn’t like was the heavy chlorine rptaste, and sediment. We purchased this kit and the coconut filter. It too, me about an hour to rough out the plumbing, and then do the cutover.

    When I turned the water on, the chlorine smell disappeared as soon as the old water was out of the pipes. I highly recommend this filter. It provides what you need, without all the extras other companies sell.

    Look up BBB reviews of the competitors that offer high end systems. Then just get what you need, which is this simple, effective, and inexpensive system.