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Model A RV/Marine Replacement Filter

A-5614514 by 3M™
List Price: $129.43
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The manufacturer has placed a temporary hold on this product!
In the interim, the manufacturer recommends the C-Complete cartridge as its alternative.

The Model A RV/Marine Replacement Filter is the perfect replacement for the 5614514 Model A RV/Marine Filter Cartridge and used in a variety of RVs, including the Class A Winnebago. The Model A RV/Marine Replacement Filter 5614514-C-LC cartridge improves the taste of drinking water by removing the taste and odor of chlorine along with the comprehensive removal of toxic elements including lead and disease-causing parasitic protozoan cysts.

This cartridge features a unique bypass valve that enables smoother cartridge replacements without obstructing the flow of water. The under-sink design of the Model A replacement filter ensures that the installation is hassle free. 75 gpm with a capacity to filter 750 gallons of water.

This cartridge is 12" and some older cartridges are shorter.