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DA29-00003G by CUNO
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NOTE: This product is currently on a backorder. Please call us at 877-633-3928 if you have any questions!

The DA29-00003G Aqua-Pure Refrigerator Filter replaces the obsolete DA29-00003B and DA29-00003A, and is the unrivalled king of household drinking water filters. This replacement filter prevents the build-up of lime scaling in water. It is equally effective for eliminating harmful toxins like Lead, Mercury, Carbofuran, p-Dichlorobenzene, Asbestos, and Benzene, apart from filtering away cysts and turbidity in drinking water. Even, if you are battling with a delay of ice formation in the refrigerator, this DA29-00003G filter can provide an easy remedy. It is compatible with leading Samsung water system models and works in absolute harmony with the DA29-00003A and DA29-00003G fridge filters.