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Seal & Spacer Kit 60121 for Main Piston used on Older Fleck 1500, and 2500. Also used on newer 2510, 2700, 2750, and 2900 upper piston. The Seals and Spacers need replacing when you have "internal" leaking of the Valve. This would be constant flow out the drain line or failure to create suction ( after injector and brine valve check out okay ), or hard water getting into the house when everything else appears to be working fine.

Replacing 60121C: The 60121C is now obsolete from the manufacturer, but the 60121 is a replacement option. The only difference between the 60121C and the 60121 is the white end spacer. The 60121 has a smaller white end spacer compared to the larger one found in the 60121C.
Do not use the white end spacer from the 60121, you MUST reuse your larger old end spacer. You may want to disassemble your valve first to make sure that the end spacer is still in good shape.If the original end spacer is damaged, broke, or cracked, it cannot be used and you will have to replace the entire control valve.