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3M™ SGP195BN-T ScaleGard™ Espresso Water Filtration System

5633301 by 3M™ Food Services
List Price: $677.68
Our Price: $540.80
Savings: $136.88 (20%)


The 3M™ SGP195BN-T single cartridge water filtration system helps provide consistent high quality water for coffee shops and restaurants with large volume espresso and espresso based drink needs.

Part of the ScaleGard Pro Series of products, the SGP195BN-T is designed to reduce hardness from water to help reduce scale, but also feature built-in nonadjustable blend mechanisms to allow some hardness to remain in the product water, deemed important for flavor of the espresso.

With a flow rate of up to 1.0 gpm and capacity of 1,200 gallons, this water filtration system uses a high capacity, weak acid ion-exchange resin to reduce hard water calcium and magnesium to help prevent hard scale formation on heating coils and boilers. Reducing scale, results in energy efficiency, less downtime, and greatly reduces expensive service calls.

The system also reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) and lowers alkalinity from inlet water. The addition of premium activated carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor, and bitterness associated with poor water quality.

The SGP195BN-T ships with a P195BN espresso cartridge for immediate use.


  • UPC: 016145802072
  • EAN: 00016145802072
  • Weight: 9 pounds