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APWC-MCA1501 Automatic Backwashing Filter System (APIF150)

List Price: $2,657.25
Our Price: $1,230.81
Savings: $1,426.44 (54%)
Weight: 193 lbs


NOTE: This is NOT a 3M product, however, it shares the same specifications as the 3M version of this product.

The APWC-MCA1501 (previously the APIF150) is an Iron Reduction System that uses a manually operated and highly trusted brass control valve. This helps in minimizing the consumption of electrical energy and wastage of water—features that make the APWC-MCA1501 an eco-friendly addition to your water system. It is also used for reduction of hydrogen sulfide gas (low levels). It is 1.5 cu. Ft. metered automatic backwashing filter, designed to accommodate a number of media to help you address specific water filtration needs. It has a semi-transparent fiberglass threaded media tank that allows for media-level check without the need to disassemble the system. The washed quartz gravel underbed provides support to the filter to reduce pressure drops during operation of system.

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