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APWC-NWS100M Metered Water Softener

List Price: $2,352.26
Our Price: $1,187.85
Savings: $1,164.41 (50%)
Weight: 89 lbs


NOTE: This is NOT a 3M product, however, it shares the same specifications as the 3M version of this product.

APWC-NWS100M 1 cu. ft. Metered Water Softener. Fleck 5600 control valve. 30,000 grain capacity. 7 GPM flow rate. The APWC-NWS100M is a residential water softener. It is 1 cu. ft. Time Clock Water Softener with a Fleck 5600 control valve. It has a 30,000 grain capacity. The flow rate is quite reasonable at 7 gpm - ensuring you never run out of optimally treated water, without the presence of hard water salts that cause scaling and foaming, damaging kitchen appliances and water supply pipes. The NWS100 uses a very smart design and uses fully-automatic operations for resolving other hard water issues like curding, soaping, spotting, and formation of rings on tubs and sinks. The safety brine valve helps to eliminate the worry of the brine tank overfowing. The motorized piston control valve ensures the fully-automatic operations run without any issues. The APWC-NWS100M comes with a limited warranty supported by factory-backed technical support services.