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Cactus X-12

18-30112 by UV Pure
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Currently Unavailable. The Cactus X-12 is a whole-house UV disinfection system. The system has been a successful player in the niche of water sanitization systems for many years. It uses ultraviolet rays for holistic removal of microbes that often cause diseases/infections. The system offers high efficiency and ease-of-use. It is one of the most effective water purification systems engineered specifically for comprehensive removal of bacteria, e-coli, cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, legionella, and most viruses found in drinking water. The flow rate is sufficient for household usage at an impressive 12 gpm. The air cool lamps and standard Anti-Fouling System means a wider, more effective temperature range and minimal quartz-fouling. The front-loading carriage signifies that lamp changes are simple. The need to drain, disassemble, or remove the system from its mounting to change lamps is efficiently eliminated in this innovative design.


  • Weight: 18 pounds