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MC-050P by Aqua-Pure
List Price: $217.25
Our Price: $130.64
Savings: $86.61 (40%)
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Weight: 43 lbs


NOTE: This product is currently on a backorder. As an alternative product, we recommend Nelsen's IRON-B100 1 Cu. Ft. multi-blend media.

1/2 Cu. Ft. Cuno Iron Filter Media. May take up to two weeks to deliver. The media in every Iron reduction system needs periodic replacement. The Aqua-Pure MC-050P filter media is an excellent choice for any auto-backwashing iron filter. Don't put up with iron stains in your laundry or water that looks like it came out of a rusty barrel. If that's happening, your iron filter media needs to be replaced. The Aqua-Pure Iron Filter Standard Media. Reduces Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide. Designed for use in auto-backwashing filter systems. 1/2 cubic foot of media.
Great alternative to the obsolete MC-050MP.
Order two (2) to replace the obsolete MC-10P.

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