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MC-050MP by Aqua-Pure
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Weight: 43 lbs


Aqua-Pure Iron Filter M-Bed Media. Iron/Manganese Removal Media. 1/2 cu. ft. Pail. Periodically the media in every iron and manganese filter system will need to be replaced. The AQUA-PURE MC-050MP is precisely the media needed for those systems. Replacing the media is a dirty job, but it's easy to do. When you're done, your system will be rejuvenated and remove those nasty contaminants like it did when it was new. Manganese Greensand media reduces Iron and Manganese as well as Hydrogen Sulfide which is more commonly known as rotten egg smell. Use in auto backwash filter systems designed for iron and manganese filtration. May take up to two weeks to deliver.

OBSOLETE. Use MC-050P as an alternative.

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