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APWC-AWS150M Water Softener System

List Price: $2,449.60
Our Price: $1,237.01
Savings: $1,212.59 (50%)
Weight: 125 lbs


NOTE: This is NOT a 3M product, however, it shares the same specifications as the 3M version of this product.

The APWC-AWS150M is a residential water softener system. It is a 45,000 grain electronic metered water softener. The system removes scaling-causing hardness minerals and salts from water, optimizing water heater efficiency. This is the best way to prevent loss of water pressure due to scaling in the pipes. It has a fully-automatic operation, monitors water use, and regenerates only when necessary. This helps to minimize the consumption of electrical energy and wastage of water. The APWC-AWS150M scrubs ion exchange resin clean during backwash, maintaining maximum resin and system performance. The softener helps to maintain efficiency of the water heater. It is made from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials, setting a benchmark in the category of water softening systems.