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APWC-AWS100M Water Softener System

List Price: $2,271.15
Our Price: $1,146.90
Savings: $1,124.25 (50%)
Weight: 100 lbs


NOTE: This is NOT a 3M product, however, it shares the same specifications as the 3M version of this product.

The APWC-AWS100M is a 30,000 grain electronic metered water softener. This is the best choice if you face the nuisance of hard water on a regular basis. This APWC-AWS100M softener removes scale-causing minerals that are commonly found in hard water areas. This includes hardness caused by minerals and salts dissolved in water. The APWC-AWS100M is a smart operator. It has appreciable water heating efficiency and prevents the loss of water pressure that is often the result of large-scale scaling in water pipes. It uses a fully automatic operation, monitoring water usage and regenerates only when necessary. This minimizes the use of electrical energy and cuts down on wastage of water. The APWC-AWS100M scrubs the ion exchange resin during backwash. This helps to maintain maximum resin and system performance. It uses a fully-automatic, highly-efficient design. It is made from FDA-compliant, CFR-21 materials.