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N5PP10 by Nelsen
Our Price: $3.96
Weight: 1 lb


Nelsen string wound filter. 5 micron, 2.5" x 9.75". Comparable to the Purwater SW05-S. N5PP10 is a Nelsen string wound filter with a thickness of 5 micron. The N5PP10 is quite similar to the Purwater SW05-S. It boasts of impressive dirt holding capacity and hi-depth filtration requirements. The precise winding mechanism of this cartridge is responsible for the amazing dirt-removing capability. More impressive is the fact that this single cartridge filter performs pre-filtration and final-filtration in a single go without compromising on the excellence of filtration! Further, you can order this string wound filter in different lengths and porosities to suit your water requirements. The N5PP10 is adept at handling most types of domestic and light, commercial water requirements.