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Filter Housing O-Ring Gasket Silicone Lubricant (Tube)

DOW-7 by Dow
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Dow Corning 7 Release Compound for lubricating filter housing o-rings and threads. Dow Corning 7 Release compound is a versatile, heat stable, highly effective silicone release agent. Used with plastics, rubber, metals and adhesives, it gives long-lasting release, yet remains inert to most materials. NSF certified. Meets FDA 21 CFR 175.300. 5.3 oz. Tube.


  • Maintain serviceable consistency from -40 to 204°C (-40 to 400°F)
  • Practically nonvolatile
  • Moisture resistant
  • Electrically insulating
  • Excellent rubber lubrication
  • Excellent release and sealing properties
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Show little tendency to dry out in service
  • Permitted for food contact use under FDA Regulation 21 CFR 175.300
  • Listed under NSF Standard 51 for use in food processing equipment
  • Listed under NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water applications
  • Mold release agent for foundry shell and core molds
  • Break-in treatment for bladders on tire presses
  • Rubber lubricant and preservative
  • Release agent for adhesives and glues
  • Cable-pulling lubricant to draw rubber-covered cable through conduit
  • Release agent for plastic extruders and processing equipment
  • Release agent for plastic film packaging machines

Listings/ Specifications
Dow Corning 7 Release Compound is permitted for food contact use under FDA Regulation 21 CFR 175.300, covering polymeric coatings applied as continuous film over a metal substrate. Additionally, this compound is listed under NSF Standard 51 for use in food processing equipment and NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water applications.

How To Use
For best results, clean and dry surfaces before application. Dow Corning 7 Release Compound can be applied by hand, by specially designed automated equipment, or by brushing or wiping. When using some high pressure dispensing equipment, separation and compaction can occur. Certain designs of grease guns may seize with silicone compound; test prior to using.

Usage Limitations
Dow Corning 7 Release Compound should not be applied to any surface that will be painted or finished. Such coatings may not adhere to the silicone-treated surfaces. If contaminated by a silicone coating, parts can be wiped or washed with solvent or washed with detergent. To O-rings or other components made from silicone rubber because they can deteriorate the silicone rubber. This compound will also slightly swell natural butyl rubbers. Any rubber should be tested for excessive swell or shrinkage. Because each application may vary in chemical composition, pressure, flow velocity, relubrication requirements and equipment design, the silicone compound should be tested before adopting for regular use. This compound is not intended for use with liquid oxygen or other strong oxidizing chemicals and should not be used in applications requiring LOX compatibility. This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses.


  • Weight: 1 pound