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SS24 EPE-316L

SS24 EPE-316L by 3M™
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The SS24 EPE-316L is best for removal of sediments, rust, dust, particles along with chlorine taste and odor. The purifier descales the hardness that sticks to pipes and equipments using water frequently hence giving them a longer life. It heats up water and cools it too for instant water for drinking or for coffee the temperatures rate up to 250°F (121°C). It has a 1- -1/2” NPT to 3” 150 flanged pipe size and provides up to 384 gpm (1,454 lpm) flow rates. The filter is suitable for multiple application requirements for residential purposes and for light industrial usage. - Construction: Welted surfaces are durable 316L stainless steel- Shouldered seal plates fit solidly into the cartridge core to ensure a positive seal. V-band clamp for quick and easy opening and closing. Removable cartridge posts lift out for easy cleaning. Housing drains both sludge and clean chambers have drain couplings for east cleaning. Air vent allows venting before start-up or draining. High temperature capacity (up to 250 degrees F or 121 degress C) dependant upon filter cartridge selection. Specially designed cartridge seal plated for 9-3/4" or 10" equivalent length cartridges. Maximum pressure 150psi/kPa. Maximum flow rate 192 gpm. 3 " NPT Male inlet. Grainger Part #: 1ZKK8


  • EAN: 00016145193613
  • Weight: 130 pounds