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CFS8504-2M by CUNO
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We are unable to sell this McDonalds cartridge. The CFS8504-B is the same.

McDonald's multiplex beverage system model # CFSBCI-4MS. Filters and reduces coarse dirt and rust to a 10 micron level. The 3M CFS8504-2M is a replacement cartridge with an enviable reputation, known to deliver a high volume of filtered water at good pressure to ensure smooth, issue-free supply of clean water. It is used in McDonalds as a multiplex beverage system. These are complex water supply systems where maintaining the proper drinking water temperature is critical. Often, the temperate range can vary from one beverage to another. The unique pressure balancing dynamics ensure that multiple beverages can be dispatched at once. This is the kind of efficiency required in a multiplex environment. This cartridge removes scaling that often causes irreparable damage to kitchen appliances. It also removes rust and coarse dust. The dimensions are 20 inch X 2.5 inch. You can use it as a retrofit to update existing filters. Itsí capacity is higher than regular spun or pleated sediment filters. The cartridge is rated at 10-micron filtration.