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CFS211-S by CUNO
List Price: $90.69
Our Price: $73.14
Savings: $17.55 (19%)
Weight: 3 lbs


The CFS211-S is a replacement water filter cartridge that fits the CFS22 and CFS22-1.5. It features a 25 micron filtration rating to ensure you get the best, sediment-free, high-quality drinking water. It measures 20 inches in length. It has a graded density media for the reduction of sediments and rust from the water supply of food service establishments, making it one of the most favored choices for eateries and other food-related businesses. The CFS211-S is built for high-flow applications associated with professional kitchen set-ups. It ensures an impressive supply of nearly 45 gallons per minute, assuring you of sediment-free water throughout the day. The best feature of the CFS211-S is that it can act as a retrofit for the existing filter system. This is a drop-in type replacement cartridge where you don’t need to overhaul your existing water system. Just install the CFS211-S cartridge and you have a better, refurbished water filter system at a very reasonable price!