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NOTE: This product is discontinued and no longer available.

The Cuno CFS420IMF is a replacement cartridge with an enviable market reputation. It is a pre-filter—it is used before the main filter and filters away a majority of the impurities. The cartridge is 1-inches high and 9.75-inches long. The cartridge purifies sediments from drinking water. It also helps to combat scaling among the pipes and kitchen appliances. The replacement cartridge comes with a built-in scale inhibitor. The cartridge is rated for 5-micron filtration. It has a granular activated carbon—one of the best options to get the assurance of holistically purified drinking water. The activated carbon adsorbs the impurities. It is great for supplying ice machines that receive hard water. The Cuno CFS420IMF has a graded density design. The cartridge has a 1.9 cubic feet capacity.