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3M™ Food Services CFS117-S Scale Reduction Filter

CFS117-S by 3M™ Food Services
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The 3M™ Food Services CFS117-S is a replacement cartridge for slim line filtration systems used within smaller restaurants. This cartridge is a perfectionist when it comes to eradicating the taste and odor of chlorine from drinking and cooking water. The CFS117-S effectively reduces hard water scaling from pipes, restaurant equipment, and other hot water plumbing connections susceptible to damage due to build-up of scaling.

The average flow rate of water through this filter is 3 gpm (11.4 lpm) - ample for daily use in domestic spaces. It features a rigid polyethylene outer shell and can capture sedimentary particles of up to 5 microns. This is why there is an increasing demand for the CFS117-S among restaurants and food services businesses with high-volume water filtration requirements.

The ability to maintain minimal pressure drop further makes this replacement cartridge a worthy recommendation for a restaurant water filtration system.
  • Provides fine sediment filtration to 5 microns
  • Rigid construction helps to eliminate sediment "unloading" due to variances in water pressure
  • Uses a finer, more effective granular activated carbon which results in a very low pressure drop.
  • Has a hardwater scale inhibitor

Note: Before use, purging each cartridge is necessary.


  • UPC: 016145140242
  • Weight: 2 pounds