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APRO5500RM 56084-01 Membrane

56084-01 by CUNO
List Price: $234.99
Our Price: $140.16
Savings: $94.83 (40%)
Weight: 2 lbs


The 56084-01 Membrane is suitable for APRO5500 Undersink Reverse Osmosis System. You can use this hi-flux membrane for upgrading your current water system to the level of APRO5500. This TFC Membrane meets the highest benchmarks for water filtration systems. It has an impressive water flow rate of 25 gallons in a day. Having a thin-film construction, this membrane filters harmful elements like Nitrates, Copper, and Fluoride. To ensure optimum quality of water, the 56084-01 Membrane needs timely replacement. You can do this every three to five years. The APRO5500RM 56084-01 Membrane enjoys maximum compatibility with the AP5527 Replacement Filter. This Reverse Osmosis membrane is equally useful in heavy-use domestic spaces and in light-use commercial water systems.

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