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Mounting Bracket #35581-01C

35581-01C by Aqua-Pure
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Obsolete. Use SKU 35581-01 instead. The Mounting Bracket 35581-01C is essential for safely and securely mounting a water filter. It ensures optimal operation of the filter system by reducing the strain on connections and hoses. This also helps to protect against chances of leakage. Using the 35581-01C protects your water filter against the damage caused by cheap mounting brackets. Readjusting or applying excessive pressure on water system’s bracket is a common cause for many structural damages. The repairs can be very expensive. The only option is using a dependable, robustly-built mounting bracket. The Mounting Bracket 35581-01C is built from sturdy materials—ensuring the water system works without any issue, able to sustain the continuous flow of treated, clean water.