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Obsolete The Aqua Pure APUV1 is a comprehensive, cost-effective sanitization system that works well for bigger and smaller families. This system uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses in drinking, portable water. It is a point of use type of system that purifies water at the same point where water is used. You can also use it as a point of entry type of application. The system ensures 99.9% removal of bacteria and viruses. The compact design is ideal for under-sink application, ensuring that the Aqua Pure APUV1 is well hidden from common view and doesn’t occupy too much space. The flow rate is quite reasonable at 2 gpm for household usage. The system requires a minimum of 5-micron filtration prior to using the UV functionality. The electronic ballast runs smoothly and creates less heat ensuring lesser consumption of electricity. It is able to handle variances in power supply without shutting down the UV lamps. You can change the UV lamps on the fly without the need to disconnect the water flow.