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APS117 by CUNO
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Weight: 1.5 lbs


NOTE: For a MADE IN USA alternative, we recommend the APWC-UCB93-CARBON SCALE FILTER which shares the exact performance/specifications as the APS117!

The APS117 is a replacement cartridge for whole house filtration systems - an excellent choice for households of all sizes. This cartridge is a perfectionist when it comes to eradicating the taste and odor of chlorine from drinking water. This APS117 filter effectively reduces scaling from the pipes and other plumbing connections susceptible to damage due to build-up of scaling. Before use, purging each cartridge is necessary.

The average flow rate of water through this filter is 3 gpm (11.4 lpm) - ample for daily use in domestic spaces. It features a rigid polyethylene outer shell and can capture sedimentary particles of up to 25 microns. This is why there is an increasing demand for the APS117 among households with high-volume water filtration requirements. The ability to maintain minimal pressure drop further makes this replacement cartridge a worthy recommendation for a whole house water filtration system.

NOTE: Depending on your housing, you may want to order a gasket with this filter: