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55845-04 by Aqua-Pure
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If you live in an area that gets direct water supply from rivers or ponds, the AP-DW70 POU filter is the best bet to get sufficient and clean, toxin-free drinking water. These Point of Use water systems need timely replacement of cartridges. The AP-DW70 replacement cartridges are the best option with their ability to trap the tiniest particles of dirt. Often sold with the inclusion of a separate faucet, these water systems are durable. AP-DW70 replacement cartridges are efficient at removing the taste and smell of chlorine from water. AP-DW70 cartridges also eliminate chemicals, pesticides, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These cartridges are also compatible with AP-DWS700, AP-DWS750, and AP-DWS250 water systems.

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