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AP2610SS by Aqua-Pure
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Weight: 6 lbs


OBSOLETE - Substitute with SST2HB, PN#5592010.
The AP2610SS Whole House Water Purifying System from Aqua Pure is an absolute delight for families who seek a combination of functionality and aesthetics in their kitchen. The AP2610SS has amazingly good water filtration capabilities along with a rather smart exterior. It is also very dexterous. It can accept a variety of cartridges, ranging from 1 to 50 nominal. You get the assurance of comprehensive water filtration when you use this water filter with solenoid valves. It has the ability to eliminate dust, sediments, taste & odor of chlorine, and scaling salts. The filter comes with various inlet/outlet configurations and sizes. This means optimum functionality across a wider range of kitchens and the promise of maximum flow rates and minimum pressure drop. Its housings are rated for hot and cold water applications, i.e. up to 200F (93C). Mounting bracket included.

Get an unbreakable wrench to tighten and loosen the Aqua-Pure AP2610SS Filter Housing. The #9 Steel Water Filter Housing Wrench is designed and manufactured in the USA to work with your AP2610SS filter housing.