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Source of TOC

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is a measurement to track the overall organic content of water. The organic content of the water will appear on the water analysis as C (carbon). The TOC test is the most common test performed to obtain an indication of the organic content of the water. Nonspecific tests utilized to determine the organic content of water are given below:

BOD - Biochemical oxygen demand - expressed as O2
CCE - Carbon-chloroform extract - expressed in weight
CAE - Carbon-alcohol extract (performed after CCE)
COD - Chemical oxygen demand - expressed as O2
Color - Color - reported as APHA units
IDOD - Immediate dissolved oxygen demand - expressed as O2
LOI - Loss of ignition expressed in weight
TOC - Total organic carbon - expressed as C

The above tests are used to determine organic content of the water, for more information about different types. See "Organics".

Treatment of TOC

Procedures and suggestions for reduction of TOC is given under the heading "Organics".

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