Aqua Pure Water Filters
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5598101 by CUNO
List Price: $151.76
Our Price: $82.50
Savings: $69.26 (46%)
Weight: 3 lbs


The Aqua Pure AP5527 is a replacement cartridge for the APRO5500. This is a unique cartridgebeing both pre and post type cartridge. It performs filtration before and after the main filter for removing the more challenging, finer sediments from drinking water. Standard dimensions of the Aqua Pure AP5527 are 10.2 inches x 8 inches x 3.8 inches. It removes sediment, MTBE, Fluoride, Arsenic, and Chlorine apart from improving the taste and odor of drinking water. It also removes VOCs. The pricing is for a pack of two cartridges. The temperature range is 40 F - 100 F (4.4 C - 37.8 C) and the pressure range is 25 psi - 125 psi (172 kPa- 862 kPa).


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