Aqua Pure Water Filters
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55274-02 by CUNO
List Price: $105.22
Our Price: $53.63
Savings: $51.59 (49%)
Weight: 6 lbs


The AP410 is not just another water system replacement filter—this Aqua Pure filter qualifies being a specialty filter. It is most suitable for household that usually get hard water. Hard water salts, and the resulting scaling, are known take a toll on appliances and equipments using tap water and on the plumbing. Along with preventing scaling, the AP410 protects metals from corrosion. This means an overall increase in the life of your appliances for a modestly priced filter. This cartridge offers a great deal with the pricing on display applicable for a box of two. Another impressive feature—it fits all compatible housings. It is compatible with point of use water filters like the AP400. The flow rate is quite generous at 6 gpm (22.8 lpm). The temperature range varies from 40° F - 100° F (4.4° C - 37.8° C). It can easily handle major pressure variations, from 25 psi to 125 psi (172 kPa - 862 kPa).

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