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46290-02 by CUNO
List Price: $125.42
Our Price: $62.65
Savings: $62.77 (50%)
Weight: 2 lbs


Two pack special. It is an expert at removing sand, dirt, rust, and the taste and odor of chlorine from drinking water. It is a replacement cartridge for the AP200 under-sink system. It is a point of use filter that purifies water at the point where the access to filtered water is also located. This is a dual-action filter cartridge and provides comprehensive protection against sediments found in hard water, helping to reduce scaling of appliances and plumbing connections. This kind of descaling action is the best way to protect your pipes from bursting or leaking. The Aqua Pure AP217 is ideal for bathrooms and small sinks with modest dimensions of 4-inches tall and a width of 6 inches.

point of use unit