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AP110 by Aqua-Pure
List Price: $38.27
Our Price: $18.14
Savings: $20.13 (53%)
Weight: 1 lb


Aqua Pure AP110 Filter Cartridges. 2 filters per pack. Dirt, Rust and Sediment Cartridges. Nominal 5 micron Flow Rate 8 GPM max Max temp: 170 F AP110 Size: 2.5 x 10 inches Micron Rating: 5 Micron, Purpose: Standard Dirt, Rust and Sediment Cartridge, Flow Rate: 8 GPM, Temperature Rating: Max Temp Rating 170 F (76.7 C), Compatible with Units: AP11T, AP11S, AP12T, AP12S, AP101T, AP101S, AP102T, AP102S, AP1610, AP2610, SST1, SST2, FHT-34-S, FHO-34-S-S, FHT-34SS-S, FHO-34-SS-S, USOM-38-S,UST-38, USO-14-S and most competitors systems that require 2.5" x 9.75" cartridges. Cuno part # 56204-04. Alternative Part #: AP110 Grainger Part #: 1P753

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