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Reduce unscheduled service calls associated with corrosion, sediment and scale build-up in commercial cubers and flakers

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List Price: $415.73 Our Price: $204.75 Savings: $210.98 (51%)
The ICE140-S is a single-cartridge water filter system. It has a standard rating of 0.2 micron—suitable for most water conditions. The flow rate is 2.1 gpm. The filter removes cysts and the unpleasant taste & odor of chlorine apart from filtering out sediments. The ICE140-S filter provides protection against the harmful effects of chlorine-induced corrosion. The filter also prevents scaling associated with hard water, ensuring your pipes and plumbing connections last for a longer period. ICE140-S has an impressive capacity of 25,000 gallons (37,854 liters). The system has 3/8” FNPT inlet/outlet connections for easier attachment/installation among the existing plumbing lines. The system includes a head assembly with an integral mounting bracket, pressure gauge, and a single cartridge filter.

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